Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments

Job Safety Analysis – Hazard identification, risk assessment, controls to mitigate hazards, implementation, training, and monitoring. Review present safe work procedure (SWP) changes or improvements required.

Worksafe BC First Aid Assessments – Conduct an assessment to each worksite to determine requirements to promptly render first aid and transport injured workers.

(PPE) Personal Protective Equipment – Establishing Policies that are vital to the safety of all company workers to last line of defense against workplace hazards.

New & Young Worker – Orientation and training as per company policies and procedures, includes WHMIS and Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Emergency Planning – Developing a Emergency Plan to provide an effective means of responding to an Emergency Situation (medical, industrial, or environmental) that may occur at the work site or while travelling to the work site. Includes Emergency Evacuation procedures and follow up of evacuation process to identify where improvements can be made.

JOHSC – Leadership & support. Establish JOHSC, meeting leader, monitor effectiveness, provide incident reports for review. Provide education and guidelines for Incident Investigation process. Promote health and safety of camp workers and environment with continual communication with upper management.