OH&S Planning & CSO Services

The effective management of workplace and environmental health and safety issues has become an increasingly important and an expected dimension of responsible business practice.

Roles and Responsibilities – Provide information to promote clear understanding of Health and Safety roles for supervisors, workers, sub contractors and contractors to keep their work site safe demonstrating “Due diligence”. In addition, provide knowledge for skills necessary to plan and implement strategies intended to control and manage potential workplace hazards.

Job Safety Analysis  – Hazard identification, risk assessment, controls to mitigate hazards, implementation, training, and monitoring. Review present safe work procedure (SWP) changes or improvements required.

Safety Manual Preparation and updates – Ongoing, in addition to Annual Review has identified areas that require improvements to SWP to enhance continual awareness of hazards and controls to promote worker safety.

Annual Reviews – Review of past year of work history, near misses, incidents, injuries, SWP, and identify hazards that require improvements. Development and practicable use of new SWP’s to incorporate into the H&S manual for up and coming year.

Audit Preparation – Ensure all documentation is up to date and in order, as per specific industry audit requirements.

Work Place Violence, Harassment & Bullying – Assisting employers in Policy Statements to indicate overall goals, developing programs, to include risk assessments, controls, reporting, monitoring and followup.