Policy & Procedure Development

Polar Ridge Resources annually reviews and improves worker safety. Our polices and procedures are based on the following as per regulatory body:

Roles and Responsibilities – Provide information to promote clear understanding of Health and Safety roles for supervisors, workers, sub contractors and contractors to keep their work site safe demonstrating “ Due diligence”

AED – Worksite specific equipment training, development and implementation of inspection and maintenance records. (OHSR 4.3 4.9)

First Aid Assessments – Conduct an assessment to each worksite to determine requirements to promptly render first aid and transport injured workers.

Risk Assessment/Job Safety Analysis and Controls – Identify hazards, understand controls to mitigate hazards. Review present safe work procedure (SWP) changes or improvements required? Required

(PPE) Personal Protective Equipment – Establishing Policies that are vital to the safety of all company workers to last line of defense against workplace hazards.

New & Young Worker – Orientation and training as per company policies and procedures, includes WHMIS and Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Emergency Response Procedures – Effective means of responding to an Emergency Situation. (medical, industrial, or environmental). That may occur at the work site or while travelling to the worksite. Includes Emergency Evacuation procedures and follow up of evacuation process to identify where improvements can be made.

Annual Reviews – Review of past year of work history, near misses, incidents, injuries, SWP, and identify hazards that require improvements. Development and practicable use of new SWP’s to incorporate into the H&S manual for up and coming year.

Safety Manual Preparation and updates – Ongoing, in addition to Annual Review has identified areas that require improvements to SWP to enhance continual awareness of hazards and controls to promote worker safety.

WCB Claims Management Systems – Preparing management systems, Reporting requirements and procedures, Return to Work Planning, Communication, Protests/reviews and Appeals.

Near Miss, Incident Reporting & Investigation – WorksafeBC core requirements. BC Forestry Council Investigation Process. Incident review and follow through with managers, provide education, to ensure.

JOHSC – Leadership & support. Establish JOHSC, meeting leader, monitor effectiveness, provide incident reports for review. Provide education and guidelines for Incident Investigation. Promote health and safety of camp workers and environment with continual communication with upper management.

Food Safe Level 2 – Follow Northern Health Environmental Health Regulations for Industrial Camps and Drinking Water Guidelines. Development of Food Safety Plans & Manual Preparation Drinking water sampling and shipping.

Work Site Inspections, Individual Worker Assessments – Provide assistance to ensure First Aid Assessments & ERP’s up to date and understood by all workers. Individual awareness of job site hazards and effectiveness of SWP’s in place.

Work Place Violence & Harassment – Assisting employers in Policy Statements to indicate overall goals, developing programs, to include risk assessments, controls, reporting, monitoring and followup.

Record keeping – WCB claims, orientation & training records – Ensuring these are accurate up to date. Scheduling worker training as required.