Incident Investigation

Near Miss, Incident Reporting & Investigation – WorksafeBC core requirements. BC Forest Safety Council Advanced Investigation Process. Incident review and follow through with managers, supervisors, and workers in order to provide education that ensures optimum health and safety for workers and the environment.

WCB Claims Management Systems – Preparing management systems, Reporting requirements and procedures, Return to Work Planning, Communication, Protests/reviews and Appeals.

Risk Assessment/Job Safety Analysis and Controls – Identify hazards, understand controls to mitigate hazards. Review present safe work procedure (SWP) changes or improvements required? Required.

Annual Reviews – Review of past year of work history, near misses, incidents, injuries, SWP, and identify hazards that require improvements. Development and practicable use of new SWP’s to incorporate into the H&S manual for up and coming year.

Work Site Inspections, Individual Worker Assessments – Provide assistance to ensure First Aid Assessments & ERP’s up to date and understood by all workers. Individual awareness of job site hazards and effectiveness of SWP’s in place.

Record keeping – Online WCB claims, orientation & documentation – Ensuring these are accurate and up to date. Scheduling worker training as required.